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Bonnie Rozen
Advertising representative
The Reporter Group
500 Clubhouse Road
Vestal, NY 13760
800.779.7896 x244
607.724.2360 x244
fax 607.724.2311
Email: [email protected]
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The Reporter is a weekly paid-subscription newspaper serving the community since 1971 as the source for local, national, and international news of Jewish interest.

With more than 50 years' experience in sales, and now over 23 years at The Reporter, Bonnie truly enjoys working with people to get the word out about their businesses, and helping them to create the look they want for their print ads.

"I feel a great sense of responsibility to my clients and to our community," says Bonnie. "I'm proud to represent an award-winning newspaper whose mission is serving the Jewish community." Your ad will receive special care and be noticed, helping you to obtain maximum impact for your advertising dollar.

Notes one of Bonnie's longtime advertisers, Kathleen, "I have to tell you that of all the advertising contacts I work with (several radio stations, TV stations, the Press, etc.), you and your staff are the best in both turning ads around quickly, getting it right the first time and following up. It's a pleasure to work with you."

"When you stop your advertising to save money it's like stopping the clock to save time!"

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